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Final Reports & Results

You are interested in current or past study results? Use the order form and gain relevant insights into the best practices of the top performers in multi-project management. The reports consist of between 80-100 pages with predominantly graphical presentations of the influencing factors on the project portfolio success determined in the course of the study. The reports are only available as PDF documents.

We charge the following protection fees for the final reports:

2015 final report: 340.00 Euro plus VAT

2013 final report: 340.00 Euro plus VAT

2011 final report: 340.00 Euro plus VAT

2009 final report: 280,00 Euro plus VAT

Paketpreise werden auf individueller Nachfrage mitgeteilt. Für Zwecke der Forschung und Lehre im Rahmen der wissenschaftlichen Ausbildung an einer Hochschule gewähren wir 50% Nachlass.

Bestellen Sie hier Ihren Abschlussbericht: Bestellformular Abschlussbericht

Individuelle Beratung

Wir definieren Multiprojektmanagement als ganzheitliches Management einer Projektelandschaft durch abgestimmtes Zusammenwirken von Strategien, Strukturen, Prozessen, Methoden, organisationalen Akteuren und Kulturen zur Erreichung von Leistungszielen relevanter Stakeholder.

Our research focuses on

(1) how MPM is actually practiced,

(2) the impact of success factors in practice,

(3) why certain practices are applied.

On request, we will work with you to define a tailor-made benchmarking instrument specifically for your current MPM issues. We also develop an individual weighting and selection of success measures for the internal comparison of several portfolios or group locations. We use further informants for even more meaningful results (multilevel survey) and enable a longitudinal comparison over a longer period of time to document the progress and development of your MPM performance.

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